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mattress size guide

A Mattress Size Guide For Beds & Bedroom

Looking to upgrade your mattress or find the right size for your room? This mattress size guide can help you’ve come to the right place! Sizing can be tricky with all the different options and measurements out there.
This article is here to help you decide on the right size for you and your bedroom.
Our mattresses are all standard uk size. We offer single, small double, double and king. Take a look at the table below to give you a better idea of the sizes:

Mattress Size guide table
Mattress Size guide image

Still unsure? Here’s some more info to help you decide…

The single is a great pick for kids and solo sleepers alike. It’s a great choice in average/smaller sized rooms to save a bit of extra floor space.

Small Double Mattress
This a great choice for growing teens who like to stretch out a bit more and adults that prefer more room but don’t require or have room for a double. Could also accommodate couples if you’re limited in space and don’t mind sleeping in close proximity.

Double Mattress
This is the most popular pick for couples as it’s nice and spacious for two people to have a comfortable nights sleep. Also great for lone sleepers that love to stretch out and have that extra space to move around freely in the night.

Kingsize Mattress
The kingsize is a great option for those taller folk that require a little extra leg room as it measures an extra 10cm in length. Also great for people with a bigger build and couples that like to spread out more with the generous width.

Hopefully now you’ve got a good idea of which size might be best for your needs but why choose one of ours?
We know how important sleep is and your mattress plays a huge role in the quality of sleep that you get. That’s why we supply great quality, super comfy mattresses at super affordable prices. Take a look below to see all the layers that go into creating the perfect setting for a sound nights sleep…

I’m sure you now have a better idea about which mattress size is right for you after reading this mattress size guide! If not, feel free to get in touch with our customer services who will be thrilled to help you.
Happy sleeping!

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