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Create Space in Bedroom

How To Create Space In A Small Bedroom

Do you have a small bedroom? Here are our tips to create space in a small bedroom. How do you decorate add furniture and make the room feel comfortable and bigger?

Are you are decorating your small bedroom and need some ideas, keep reading as the design specialists at have some helpful hints that can have your bedroom looking as roomy and comfortable as possible.

Add more sunlight A lot bedrooms utilise blackout curtains or shades for privacy and darkness ensure there is room to let light past these with curtain tiebacks. Adding a mirror can expand create the illusion of extra space and provide further light. If you choose to let the sunshine in, you will not only add natural light, but you can make even the smallest of bedrooms seem brighter and more spacious. 

Decrease Clutter – in a small space keeping neat and organised will expand the sense of space in the bedroom. This can be done by using floating bookshelves, hanging shoe racks or furniture that offers dual use such as ottoman beds with storage space inside. The good use of a night stand to store night-time essentials is one of the best methods to do this.

Make a Central Point – Whatever the size of your bedroom, creating a focal point will draw the eyes away from the lack of space. Pull vision towards a key feature a bed, headboard, wall hanging or mirror. Don’t overdo it and keep the focal point away from windows so as not to take away the natural light and appearance of space a window provides. A guide on how to do this can be found here

Add Hidden Storage – Whatever the size of your bedroom, you will still need extra storage space. Adding concealed storage solutions can help reduce clutter and provide a sense of extra space. From storage ottomans boxes, closet organisers, to under-bed storage beds and a bookshelf hung on the wall can add more storage without taking up valuable floor nightstand or floor space. 

Window Accessories for Size – Adding longer window accessories like full length drapes that hang from ceiling to the floor can give an appearance of larger windows making the room seem even larger than it is. 

Low Ceilings – If your small bedroom also has low ceilings, you can give it a more open, airy feel by using lighter paint colours such as bright whites, painting 1 wall a different feature colour can make the room seem longer. This is a good way to create space in a smaller bedroom

Add a Suitable Bed Size- Choose a bed size that suits the room, be sure to measure and asses the use of the bed. For very small rooms small double beds are a great option for extra floor space.

Soft Edges – Choosing furniture with soft edges will take up less floor space and give the impression of more space while still giving you seating and a place to put your night-time essentials. Choose half-circle nightstands or furniture with softer padded edges.

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